What is mesotherapy?

Mesotherapy can be used for different types of problems--in plastic surgery, it is used to improve skin texture, wrinkles, local thickness of scars, cellulitis as well as hair loss. It is called mesotherapy as it calls for the insertion in an injectable manner substances into mesoderm, ie the fat and connective tissue beneath the skin.

How is mesotherapy performed?

The substances are inserted into mesoderm in an injectable manner. The doctor uses a small syringe with a very fine needle and multiple injections are made in the affected area and because the needle is too thin, the degree of pain is hardly felt. It is perceived as a light bite. In some points, it may not be felt at all. The process can be done manually or with specialized equipment. In each pinch, the doctor leaves a very small amount of substance.

What is the use of mesotherapy?

The main applications of mesotherapy are improving the texture of the facial skin and treating cellulite - lipolysis. Mesotherapy can be applied in many other cases, like for example in stretch marks (striae), hair loss, correction of wrinkles etc. For the improvement of facial texture mainly in skins that are dehydrated and have fine wrinkles. Cellulite helps in those cases where there is great sagginess and depending on the substances it contains, it can create fat burning at specific points.

Body mesotherapy
Body mesotherapy is made to correct cellulite and reduce local fat. The effect on cellulite is usually temporary, if not followed by maintenance treatments. With maintenance treatments, a person can maintain the effect for a longer time. Regarding the fat burning effect, this can also be permanent. For small amounts of fat, mesotherapy is effective. The solutions relating to cellulite usually contain many compounds among which the most important are caffeine and some metabolism activators. Typically sessions take place every 10 days for cellulite and every 20 days for fat burning. It takes 6-8 sessions to see the result which depends on the extent of the problem and usually the treatments recommended are more than ten. The fat that dissolves is eliminated from the body through urination. Because many toxins are eliminated from the body, it is recommended to those interested to drink enough water and maintain a healthy diet.

Mesotherapy in the body can not replace liposuction, but it works as a complementary method. Besides liposuction does not particularly help to correct cellulite while mesotherapy does. As for the face, we can improve the texture of the face, but not correct much sagging. This is not a replacement for lifting but can act as prevention. Over the last years, autologous mesotherapy has been developing increasingly, based on the use of growth factors from the blood serum of the same person.

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