Another characteristic of an aging face is the increased distance of tear buccal cavity from the lower eyelid. This creates the image of a relatively "sunken" face, while the nasolabial folds become deeper.

This can be caused by both over time and from hereditary causes. Addressing the sagging of the mid-face is done with a technique called, "mid-face lift" or "star lift" (because it is undergone by many Hollywood stars). In this technique, using an endoscope and by very small and invisible incisions in the temporal region, a lifting of the face and creation of a tight and youthful face can be achieved. That way, the distance of the lower eyelid from the buccal region gets shorter. The nasolabial folds are uplifted. The corner of the mouth is slightly lifted and, in general, the whole appearance of a sagging face is reversed, giving the person a much more youthful appearance without visible scars and marks. It is applicable both to older and younger ages depending on the degree of sagging which depends on both biological and hereditary causes.

What is the recovery time after a Mid-Face Lift surgery?
With modern techniques, the surgery is performed under local anesthesia and the patient can quickly return to his/her daily activities, while distinct bruises and swellings gradually subside within 3 to 4 weeks after surgery.

How painful is the surgery?
This surgery is virtually painless for the patient, both in its duration and postoperatively.

How safe it is for a smoker to undergo this surgery?
A required condition for a smoker to undergo this surgery is to stop smoking for at least 3-4 weeks.
How long does the effect of a mid face lift last?
The duration of the effect depends on both the surgical technique,the quality of skin and tissues of the individual, exposure to sunlight, smoking, the sharp weight fluctuation. However, after such surgery, the facial aging rate is much slower than it would otherwise.
Which people can undergo a mid face lift?
The mid face lift is usually done at an earlier age where sagging and relaxation of the face becomes evident while the neck and the oval shape of the face are kept in good condition.

Should the patient remain hospitalized?
The patient hospitalization for 24 hours is recommended both for preventive purposes and for better tracking of the patient's postoperative progress. With modern atraumatic techniques, surgery is performed under local anesthesia and the patient can return to his/her daily activities without any major visible bruising and swelling.

How much does a mid facelift cost?
Regarding the cosmetic procedure of a mid face lift, the plastic surgeon will inform you of a customized surgery cost.

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