The penis enlargement operation is designed to bring the portion of the penis which is inside the body to the outside. 1/3 of the total length of the penis is inside the pelvis. To achieve the erection of the internal angle outwardly, ligaments holding dammed body of the penis on the pubic bone are cut.

The incision for the surgery is performed on the hair pubic part. There are no sections on the penis itself. In obese subjects, a better result is achieved when the elongation is accompanied by simultaneous liposuction of the abdomen. The gain in length can not be predicted preoperatively. The usual increase is two to two and a half centimeters in relaxation, without withholding cases that can reach up to five centimeters. The elongation percentage in erection is proportionally slightly smaller ...

The duration of the surgery is approximately 80 minutes and is performed under local or general anesthesia. The hospitalization lasts one day and abstaining from work seven days. Sexual abstinence is necessary for approximately 40 days. Since the elongation procedure does affect not the functionality of the penis in urination and erectile capability, while the erection angle is slightly altered to a more horizontal position ...

What is the surgery cost for penis enlargement?
The cost of the operation of penis enlargement is determined by the surgical technique to be selected and the size of the patient's problem. It can be done by adding fat or hyaluronic acid. The final cost of each cosmetic operation is determined in your medical visit to our clinic.

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