In the majority of cases, this is hypertrophy of the fat and the mammary gland in men and occurs during adolescence.
This is usually a result of some hormonal failure during puberty when hormones no longer begin to distinguish the sex and to form the secondary sex characteristics.
Boys who have this problem are trying to hide it by letting themselves get fatter so that a breast enlargement appears as a result of body fat. The surgical procedure is performed by calculating the percentage of fat or mammary gland in the chest and then a liposuction or removal of the mammary gland is suggested. In the areas with a lot of sagging skin, then a circular incision around the nipple and simultaneously peripapillary breast firming is performed.
The anesthesia is usually done under local anesthesia or in combination with sedation and hospitalization lasts up to a maximum 24 hours. A gauze is connected in the area which is not visible from the clothes as it remains in the chest for 10 days and so sutures are removed. After the chest will take its final form in 4-6 months, when the swellings are completely subsided. The scars in most cases are faded almost completely. Then they can show their penis after 6 months without any fear of visible surgery signs.

From what age can we undergo the surgical treatment of gynecomastia?
This operation can be done safely from the age of fourteen. When the surgery is done at an early age, the results are better, and the patient's skin has more elasticity. Also, the psychological benefits for the teenager are particularly important, as it significantly enhances his confidence.
What is the cost of surgery to treat gynecomastia?
The cost for the treatment of gynecomastia is determined by the surgical technique to be followed depending on the extent of the problem. It can be treated with fat removal (liposuction), with the removal of mammary gland tissue, with a restoration of loosened skin or a combination thereof. The final price is determined accurately by your medical visit to our doctor office.

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