Most aesthetic facial surgeries on a global level are performed with autologous fat taken from the abdomen, thighs or buttocks. This method is winning increasingly the female population over the last few years as the use of an autologous fat tissue, which is rich in stem cells, has dramatic effects both on the increase in volume (filling) and cosmetic rejuvenation.

At the same time, it is used in reconstructive surgery correcting deficits and damages which previously either required many hours of surgery or the result was not so aesthetically acceptable.The fat is better accepted when it comes from the same organism and so the aesthetic result is better, says the surgeon.

The fat is divided into:

Genetic: when there is a genetic predisposition of its deposit.
Metabolic: which is necessary for the metabolization burns in the human body.

Studies indicate that fat tissue is rich in stem cells, which contribute to angiogenesis and tissue regeneration. The fat of a person, if and when there is a sufficient amount, can be used on the same person after a special treatment, to the points we want to improve. This bloodless method is done by injection and can be performed in our medical office as our surgeon George Samouris is highly skilled in this method.
This method can be combined with a liposuction surgery.The surgeon takes fat(from the abdomen, buttocks, thighs) and following a special procedure (blood centrifugation) he injects it with a syringe into the desired points. The deposition of fat is a painless procedure and is distributed through various levels beneath the skin's surface.


We can fill with autologous fat facial wrinkles (glabellar, nasolabial area, forehead, periocular area, nasolabial folds and the oval shape of the face). We can also achieve an increase in the volume of cheekbones, more volitional chin, and more enhanced lips.

The fat implantation can be performed successfully to the body as well like for example in breast augmentation, buttock enhancement, lipodystrophy imperfections and treatment of cellulite, areas that have been treated widely by most cosmetic surgeries over the last few years. The use and injection of autologous fat may be performed for reconstructive purposes, such as breast reconstruction after a mastectomy.

By infusing fat in the chest we can achieve its volume enlargement in preselected points and improve the texture of the skin. The new method is indicated for women who want a breast augmentation with a more natural effect without incisions. It is also indicated in women who have an increased sensitivity to the addition of silicone and in women who want a small breast volume enlargement (breast enlargement cannot be larger than a single bra size).
The advantage is that with this technique, a woman can do two operations in one: remove excess fat from the abdomen, thighs or buttocks while increasing the size of the breasts or buttocks. In some cases, a breast lift can also be achieved, when there is a light sagging of the breasts.

Buttocks in order for the fat to be incorporated with the surrounding area, the deposit should be performed deep in the muscles and in layers, so that the blood supply can reach the fat and make it survive, as well as to create a smooth augmentation without unevenness. The fat is adjusted and maintains the same characteristics because it is not a foreign body. The patient does not feel fat as a bulge and no cellulite or unevenness is developed. The fat injection technique to the face and body by transferring autologous fat from the body itself, is recognised by many renowned scientists.

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