Breast augmentation is one of the most common cosmetic procedures today. It helps women with small breasts (breast aplasia), and those with "anisomastia" (different breasts in shape or size), to gain a better, more harmonious and balanced appearance, through the placement of silicone implants.
Each woman is unique in regards to her body type and so are her expectations and therefore, it is especially important to discuss the matter with the patient preoperatively. It is important for the patient, during her visit to the surgeon, to see many photos pre- and postoperatively taken from other patients to decide what size would fit her better. This ensures the success of the procedure and natural-looking results.
Silicone implants are completely safe and pose no risk of rejection by the body. It is required, of course, from all patients that they select the highest quality implant. There are good and bad quality silicone implants and the surgeon is obliged to place in ALL female patients the best implants worldwide.
Elite plastic surgery and surgeon George Samouris with a multi-year experience in the Hospital Group of London guarantees you only top quality implants. The surgery lasts 1-2 hours and is performed under general anesthesia. The incision can be made in the subpectoral region, which has the best recovery and doesn't injure the mammary gland. Thus, the operation has no effect on breastfeeding ability.
Patients can return to their work 7 days after surgery may also shower normally after two days, as a special bandage is placed on the incision. Absorbable sutures are also used, which are not visible externally. Patients usually do not complain of pain after surgery, while the sensitivity and most edema subside within 20 days. Also, patients can start exercising in about 21 days after surgery with aerobic exercises.The marks of the incisions will begin to fade off the first few weeks and after a few months, they will become invisible.


Regarding silicone implants, they are divided into two categories: round and anatomical. The anatomically shaped implants have a "tear" shape and are the "gold standard" in the choice of women for more natural looking results. By using anatomical implants, we can now correct mild cases of breast sagging with a single incision in the subpectoral position. Positioning, however, requires a special technique, and the insert must be narrower than the round parts to prevent their rotation.

The size of the implants depends mainly on the desire of the patient herself as well as from her body type and namely the diameter of the chest, the distance between the nipples, the subpectoral region and the existing size. Furthermore, there are implants which can fluctuate in volume even after surgery. A new method for breast (and buttock) enlargement is by using autograft, i.e. the intake of fat from the same woman's body (thighs, abdomen, hips, buttocks), provided that there is sufficient amount of fat in these the points. With a special cannula, the surgeon removes the fat and then the fatty tissue is filtered and purified by a special technique. Next, the now purified fat is injected into the woman's chest. The new method is indicated for women who want breast augmentation with a more natural look. For a woman who seeks a natural result as much as possible, anatomical implants outweigh the round, not only because of their more natural shape (tear) but also for the quality of their manufacturing as they have 3 times thicker silicone than rounder implants.

Where does the placement of implants take place?
The positioning of the implants is made in three stages: The first stage is under the breast tissue, which mainly depends on the thickness of the breast and is determined by a fold measuring tool.

The second step involves placing the implant under the muscle fascia, wherein a thin membrane covering the muscle is lifted and offers an additional layer of implant coverage.

The third stage is on the point below the muscle (pectoralis major) which results in the total coverage of the implant at least in the upper pole, in order to reduce the appearance of implant margins on the breast.

Plastic surgeon George Samouris is perfectly familiar with all these techniques as he has already performed hundreds of breast surgeries till this day.
Also, without any problem, a mammography or ultrasound can be performed at any time.
Research has shown that a firmer and tight breast can greatly affect the overall psychology of the woman which has it, contributing greatly to an increase of her confidence and femininity. In our country, 10,000 breast surgeries are performed per year while their total number has surpassed 10 million worldwide.

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