Αre you bothered by unwanted hair and struggle with razors, creams, or waxing? Discover laser hair removal and its benefits. Laser hair removal is a completely safe and guaranteed method for the treatment of facial and body hair. The laser beam is selectively absorbed only by the melanin of the hair, leaving the surrounding tissues intact, which results in achieving a selective focus of energy in the hair follicle and thus destroying it. During the treatment, the hair found in the regenerated phase is affected. Each pulse lasts a split of a second, which is sufficient to address many hair follicles simultaneously.

Laser hair removal can be applied to any age and gender. Laser hair removal is performed for aesthetic reasons, but there are many cases like folliculitis, particularly bothering women mainly in the bikini area, as well as men in the beard area.Laser is the only medically approved treatment for these cases. The number of applications is determined depending on skin and hair type. During treatment sessions, time intervals grow, reaching between 3-5 months until their holistic treatment.

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