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Face lifting is not determined by the age of each patient but from the facial appearance and how we feel about ourselves, as the first signs of aging appear. Deep wrinkles appear around the mouth relaxing the jaw and neck which results in loose folds and fat deposits in our face.
A face lifting erases these signs of aging by tightening the muscles and removing fat and excess skin, giving your face a fresher and more youthful appearance.

Lifting the face & neck

Facelift, also known as rhytidectomy renews the medium and lower part of the face and neck.

Facelift is most effective in patients who want to correct:

Deep wrinkles under and around the eye area
Facial sagging
Deep wrinkles between the nose and mouth (nasolabial folds)
Loose fat areas
Loose skin and fat under the chin

Often, what causes you to take a closer look on your face is the repeated comments of your own people that you look tired. This is when you notice nasolabial lines (extending from the tip of the nose to the mouth edges) and that you have loose skin on the cheeks or neck respectively. Even the cheekbone areas appear often wrinkled or aged, which contribute to a "sad", tired-looking appearance. Although not everyone is bothered by these first signs of facial aging, more and more people -men and women- resort to plastic cosmetic surgery to regain back their facial firmness and freshness.

Research psychologists have shown that a facelift is undergone by those with high self-esteem that want to maintain their well-being and good physical condition. For this category of people, a facelift is another way to show their internal energy, to improve their appearance and to feel they are in control of their lives.

The right time to do facelift depends on many factors. First of all, if you really need it. The Elite Plastic Surgery clinic after an extensive and detailed analysis of the face suggests the best solution, in total harmony with your facial features, creating a truly upright, refreshed and not "pulled" look, using a wide range of surgical techniques available and which are identified as appropriate. Because there is no technique suited to everyone.

How is a facelift performed on the face?
Facelift are performed on some of the most modern surgery clinics we collaborate with.
Patients are subject to a local or general anesthetic procedure.
The process takes about 2 to 4 hours.
The technique that is the facelift varies depending on the surgeon, the patient's facial structure, and the anticipated correction.
What is the recovery time following a facelift surgery?
With the most modern techniques, the surgery is performed under local or general anesthesia and the patient can return to his/her daily activities without any major visible bruising and swelling.
How painful is the surgery?
How painful is the surgery? This surgery is virtually painless for the patient, both in its duration and postoperatively. Do all rhytidectomy techniques (facelift) have the same cosmetic result? Rhytidectomy techniques that have long-term and natural results, to avoid altering the facial features, are those in which the surgeon corrects facial and throat sagging by stretching the tissues beneath the skin of the face, not merely removing the loose skin.
How long does a facelift last?
The duration of a facelifting effect depends on both the surgical technique and the skill of the plastic surgeon, as well as the person's skin quality, exposure to sunlight, smoking, sudden weight fluctuations, etc. However, after such surgery, tissues are restored to an earlier stage that was several years ago and the facial aging rate continues more slowly than it would be otherwise.
What age is appropriate for the operation of rhytidectomy (facelift)?
Rhytidectomy (facelift) is performed when there are signs of sagging all over the face and neck. The appropriate timing depends on when first the signs of aging appear and whether a person is familiar with them.
Is there any non-surgical method that can substitute the results of a facelift?
There is still no device of any type (laser, ultrasound, etc.) or any other method that can give the same effect achieved with a facelift.
Does patient need to stay in the hospital?
A stay of the patient for 24 hours is recommended both for preventive purposes and for a better tracking of the patient's postoperative progress.
When is the result of this surgery considered satisfactory?
The aesthetic result of this surgery is considered satisfactory when among others, the result shows natural: an upstanding face, rejuvenated, not "pulled" a face that looks more rested, and all these without the interference of a plastic surgeon being obvious.
An experienced doctor always has the necessary photographic archive that shows the quality of his work.
How much does facelifting surgery cost?
The cost of surgery of facelift varies depending on the method selected by the surgeon in accordance with the needs and desires of the patient. The range of the price of a traditional lifting is also determined by whether the patient's face requires a brow lift or eyelid surgery combined with the lifting. The final cost of a facelift cosmetic surgery facelift is determined upon consultation, which covers all main costs (laboratory tests, doctors' fees, surgery costs, hospitalization costs, material costs, postoperative care), except from extending the hospitalization, if the patient desires so.

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