Very large breasts can cause pain, skin irritation on sub-pectoral folds, breathing problems, skeletal abnormalities, and reduced self-esteem. Breast reduction is usually performed to relieve the person from these problems. The procedure takes 2-4 hours and is performed under general anesthesia.

During surgery, the surgeon removes fat, mammary gland tissue, and excess skin, which results in smaller breasts, of less weight, which are in harmony with the body structure of the patient. At the end of surgery, a dressing is placed around the breasts, which is replaced the first postoperative day by a special bra that the patient will be wearing for a month.

The sutures are removed in about 10 days following the surgery. Patients may feel a mild pain immediately postoperatively, which is often described as discomfort, numbness or even bites. Also, there is often some swelling and bruising. The majority of women can return to their work approximately 14 days after the surgery, and should avoid weight lifting for 1 month.

The female breast, symbol of femininity and fertility, is a part of the body that every woman wants to keep in its height and bring out. With the passage of time, however, it loses its elasticity and firmness and of course, it becomes subject to the law of gravity.
It is known that many women are not happy with the appearance of their breasts, not with their size, but with drooping and sagging. This is a result of either age or weight fluctuations, pregnancy, breastfeeding or hereditary factors. Therefore, a woman's breasts may have changed in size, shape or composition, because one or more of the above factors. The operation of lifting the breast or mastopexy, in other words, is intended to improve the shape, size, and texture of the female breast. Many times it can be done individually, and sometimes it can be combined with the use of silicone implants providing a greater volume and contributing to a lasting effect. Additionally, a breast lift can be combined with a reduction of the size of the area around the nipple if it is too large. In the case of small droopy breasts, there is a reconstruction and simultaneous restoration of the volume with silicone implants. However, if the breasts are droopy and big, using implants is not required.

Is the surgery of breast lifting painful?
It is virtually painless when performed correctly.
Can breast lift surgery affect breastfeeding and nipple sensation?
When the surgery is performed by an experienced plastic surgeon, chances of developing an issue in the ability of women to breastfeed and in nipple sensation are very small.
Are there any intense postoperative scars?
Postoperative scarring can be found around and below the nipple and post-pectoral region If the patient is not an active smoker and the surgeon is very careful in suturing, scarring after a few months is minimal.

What is the appropriate age for a woman to undergo this operation?
The appropriate age after which the woman can undergo this surgery is 18 years. A particular age limit does not exist as long as there is no serious health problem.
What is the safety of this operation in active smokers?
A necessary condition for smokers to undergo this surgery of breast lifting is complete abstinence from smoking for at least 20 days. Otherwise, the possibility of delayed healing of cuts will be particularly increased.

Is the hospitalization of the patient necessary?
The stay of the patient in the hospital is not necessary.
What is the cost of breast surgery?
The cost of a reconstructive operation is determined accurately by physical examination.

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